1-2-3 Easy Cake Donut


For a cake donut base I wanted something a little different. Wasn't a fan of straight zeppola or the usual cap\tpa glazed donut concentrates on their own. Also the latter force a glaze on you. This works very well, stands up to a longer steep & lots of different flavor combos. Oh, I get zero play-doh from this which is a bonus. Enjoy on it's own or add whatever floats your boat. Donut base: zep for the fried dough note, enough for a taste & to give our outside to fill with the cake mixture. yellow cake & cake batter: I want this to be a nice full flavor. 3% for that nice cake taste & texture. 1% Cap cb to help smooth the mix out & drive home that this is a cake donut. This flavor holds it's own & can really help fill out a cake mix in a heavier way. (If you really wanted\can't get jf I suppose you could sub fw cancer cake) A dash of sweetener ( I used 1 drop\15ml of cap ss) seems needed for this on it's own I feel. But unless you want that plain donut that nobody else touches it helps. Leaving it out because someone always eats that donut. Not sure if desperation or enjoyment 🤔 To make this a glazed donut: add 1%ish la cci, or flv frosting or tpa glazed donut. Powdered sugar donut: add .5- 1% ooo powdered sugar or, if you get powdered sugar taste from it: .5%ish tpa glazed donut. Even a little fa meringue would probably do the trick. Blueberry donut: 2% tpa blueberry extra & 4% fw blueberry with .5% lemon Sicily (just a personal fave combination if not using the trifecta) Will post my favorite version as soon as I'm done tweaking it. There's really a ton you can build with this. Best after a week because of the cake batter. I *usually* add fruits afterwards with this one depending what I'm in the mood for. Have suggested ratio at 80\20 so you can actually weigh it out as pre-mix when adding flavors to it : ) Enjoy & Happy Mixing! Feedback is always appreciated! 😎💨💨

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