Just some crazy experiment which turned out great. When @ENYAWREKLAW was reviewing my Citraspberry Soda recipie, he mentioned that the dragonfruit and cactus combo might throw some people off, so I set out to make a cactus and dragonfruit soda. The dragonfruit didn't make the cut though, as I opted to use **FA Pear**. There is however no real pear taste, instead it sweetens up **INW Cactus** to bring a more pleasant well rounded taste. The combo of **FLV Citrus Soda** and **CAP Lemon Lime** was a given, as I have used that combo successfully before and I really think it brings that fizzy feeling. **TFA Key Lime** is used relatively low, but I think it blends perfectly with the other citrus flavors, while it also takes away some of the wierdness from **INW Cactus**. Feel free to sub TPA Key Lime for your favourite lime, nothing is set in stone with this recipie. **WS-23** is a must here, as this mix is a very fresh and cool summertime vape, and yes, it pairs really well with a cold one. SHAKE AND VAPE CERTIFIED!

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