Bilberry Yum Yum


I'm a huge fan of "Viserion" by @ID10-T, it's by far the juice I have vaped the most and always make sure to have 60ML ready to vape. So needless to say, I'm a sucker for the blueberry ice cream profile. I'm also a huge fan of @eyemakepizza 's vanilla ice cream trinity, it's just ice cream perfection. For this recipie I took his amazing ice cream base, adjusted it slightly to work with the blueberry combo I'm using here. Notes: **VT Bilberry Ripe** is my new favourite blueberry flavor, even though it's more of a blueberry syrup than the actual berry, it fits perfectly for an ice cream recipie. **JF Blueberry** is another *fantastic* blueberry flavor that unfortunately has been overlooked. It is very similar to FA Bilberry in that sense that it brings that authentic blueberry tartness, but it's a lot sweeter, and works perfect in combination with VT Bilberry Ripe. **FLV Boysenberry** is used very low here just to give the other blueberries a more well rounded yummy taste and to further enhance the syrupy flavor. **FA Lemon Sicily** can and should be subbed for **FE Lemon** or **INW Lemon Mix** if you have. Just a touch of lemon here as a contrasting flavor to both make the blueberries pop and the vanilla taste even better. **LB Vanilla Ice Cream** / **TFA Vanilla Swirl** / **HS French Vanilla Ice Cream** aka the "Ice Cream Trinity" by @eyemakepizza is slightly adjusted to make it work with the rest of the mix. **WS-23** works very well here to give it the real cold ice cream feel. If you're not used to WS-23 I'd suggest starting at 0.25 - 0.5%. Extra notes: JF Blueberry can **NOT be subbed** for any other blueberry. If you really want to mix this but don't have it, just leave it out and up FLV Boysenberry to 1%. It won't be the same blueberry flavor, but it won't be bad at least. I do highly suggest you grab JF Blueberry though, it's a fantastic flavor. *This recipe was revised 2019/06/26* TFA Vanilla Swirl upped to 3% (was 2.5%) LB Vanilla Ice Cream lowered to 4% (was 6%) I feelt that it became a bit too heavy both on the cream and berries after a bit of steeping. The changes makes it much more well rounded.

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