Bird of Paradise ( Mango Pineapple Frozen Yogurt)


Made For Mixin in the Kitchen episode on Mango On the inhale you get the frozen yogurt with a slight sweet vanilla note that transitions to the mango/ pineapple and ends with a light cinnamon **Island mango** is a Sweet meaty ripe juicy mango paired with **flV mango** to help hold that sweet ripe syrup mango with the frozen yogurt . There can be a slight floral off note and harshness from FLV mango that the frozen yogurt really helps to round out. **Sugarloaf Pineapple** adds a nice sweet acid note that will be a back note in this mix **Frozen yougurt and Yogurt drink** work to create the frozen yougurt base. The WF frozen yogurt is fantastic full creamy slight vanilla note with a light tart note, that needed to be pushed high here to really bring the creamy body. yougurt drink was added to provide a slight lemon note to add vibrancy and support some of the notes **golden syrup** was added for some dark sweetness to contrast some of the top notes **rich cinnamon** is an additive that works so well with mango and pineapple

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