Birds, Bees and Bubbles


An exotic vape based on the 'Birds&Bees' cocktail. In this refreshing recipe allot is going on to create a very tasteful vape , i used a berry blend, some rose essence and a touch of back bar bitters infused into juniper gin to create a delicate, aromatic sparkling wine cocktail vape. The FLV Berry Blend pairs beautiful with the FLV Rose Essence, FLV Back Bar Bitters add a nice bitter touch and mixed with the FLV Juniper Gin and FLV Brut Bubble Wine and some FLV Honey Bee to bind the flavours and adding some sweetness. I added a little FLV Sweetness sweetener, i think this mix need some anyway. The result is a complex juice experience that changes with every vape you take. This mix balances from a flower(ish) fruity taste to a more sophisticated and tasteful bubble wine. A very zen and exotic vape, soft, fruity and never boring. Perfect for the coming summer evenings. Vapeable after a few days. Been on the shelf for some time, as with most juices this one change for the better with longer steeps. Enjoy.

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