Black Juniper


Inspired by my Bloody Juniper, I present here her darker Sister- Black Juniper! With my current gin binge I decided to try another gin but wanted something 'darker'. The notes are pretty much the same as the Blood Orange with the exception of the main flavor being Juicy Blackcurrant! My first choice was FA Blackcurrant, the Juiciest and best single black currant in my opinion. I used the combination of FA Blackcurrant and a touch of FLV Elder flower for that deeper mystery that just compliments the Juniper gin's herbal notes in a special way! If you like a berry Gin, give this a smash! its seductively Dark and boozy while still being sweet enough to enjoy as an ADV! Sweetner: As Always I'd say yes, But here I would say Hell Yass! It makes for a delicious Vape! I feel this needs the few days steep for the Stronger Herbal notes of the Juniper to settle and mellow down to where I like it, But if you like a full on Gin, smash this as a SnV. Enjoy! (This recipe is not done yet-BUT Still good as is, Im still working on the ratios for fizz I will add later)

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