- Defined Blue Raspberry with a touch of fizz. ___ _I spotted my LB Blue Raspberry in my flavor stash .. just standing there .. chillin' I thought to myself "Hey, come here! Grab some pals and let's mix!"_ ___ LB Blue Raspberry has had a special place in my heart, ever since I first tried it - So naturally this was going to be the main profile. But it needed some kind of "lift" to be something more than just blue razz by itself.. **TPA Raspberry (Sweet)** - breathes some extra life into the blue raspberry. **JF Strawberry Sweet** - adds some extra sweetness, without taking away from the raspberry. **VT Fizzy Sherbet** - brings the illusion of "fizz" into the mix, while adding some _zing_. **WF Sour Watermelon Candy** - adds a tiny touch of "juicyness" to the mix. **TPA Dragonfruit** - sharpens the other flavors. **FLV Watermelon** - adds some extra juiciness - ***Shake 'n Vape certified*** - Best enjoyed right off the shake. Freshness will fade with steeping. --- I use 70/30 - VG/PG Vape ready Nic solution at 3mg / Please feel free to leave feedback

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