Boba Thai Chai Tea: Flavorah


**Boba Thai Chai Tea** This is Thai Chai Tea, which I love, but with a twist of Boba added, which in this case is caramelized tapioca balls. **FLV Thai Chai** a flavoring that is perfect for making that Thai Chai Tea you get at the coffee shop. It has a nice amount of Black Tea flavor in it, but if you want more, feel free to some **FLV Black Tea** in a small %. **FLV Cream** is added to the tea to harmonize flavors, add some creaminess, and add a bit of sweetness. The fun part was creating the Boba, which is basically the starch from tapioca, and I needed them to feel chewy, creamy, and caramelized. So to start, I use **FLV Starch Base** for the starch aspect of the tapioca. Then adding **FLV Vanilla Pudding** helped with the creamy aspect, and to finish off, I use **FLV Toffee**. The Toffee is what was perfect to break through the Thai Chai, and really bring that Boba feel to the what it needed to be. Enjoy! Tested on Hadeon RDA .37ohm 50 Watts

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