Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Lemon Tart (The Worst Yet)


**VT Lemon Meringue Tart is MB Lemon Tart** I made this on the fly and it really surprised me. My thought process was to lay a thin crust for a backnote (OOO Pie Crust). Next in my mind, it needed some of that stuff you get at the bottom of a tart between the crust and filling so I added some lemon squares to it. MB Lemon Tart is pretty nice on it's own at 6% with some nice creamy biscuit notes but I knew I was going to layer this up so I dialed it down to 4. I wanted to add more creaminess to it and WF lemon custard was on point here providing a smooth mouth feel. A good lemon meringue needs good egg white fluff and flapper pie with a touch of FA meringue is my go to . I spiked it with some tangy sour lemon and It hit the spot, I gave it a good shake, let it sit for a few hours, dripped it and then tried it after half an hour and was quite pleased. To be honest I don't really know what the OOO Pie Crust is doing here and if you want more biscuit add maybe 0.5% of your favorite e.g INW or JF biscuit or try it without if you can't find it. Sweeten to taste: I use 1 drop per 10ml of FW Sweetener. Tested on a single coil Dead Rabbit, 1.6 Ohms 60 Watts. **Possible changes: You could try VT lemon meringue pie, FE lemon is also good in this if you want it less candied or optional addition for more in your face lemon** TL;DR "mix this now" In case you missed it: **VT Lemon Meringue Tart is MB Lemon Tart** A similar previous recipe:

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