Cheat day! (maple bar)


A maple bar has been a vape I've mess around with off and on for about a year now, and now I finally found it. For background, as a weight class athlete and bodybuilder I generally keep a very strict diet, but I'm also a former fat kid so I LOVE food and Maple donuts have always been one of my favorite foods to eat, so since I partially use vaping to curb my sweet tooth, this was not just a flavor I wanted, but somewhat needed for my own sanity. Now I can have a little cheat day ever day. :)

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Wow, that sounds really tricky, I’m going to try a cheat day as well but only once a week, and you know why? because I completely forgot about them and I even remember adoring them as a child. But you have to be careful because if you eat them every day you can gain weight. I remember the reason I gave up the maple bar was because I gained weight and my parents completely forbade me to ever eat them again. I suffered enormously because I missed them every day. But fortunately I managed to lose weight with this program Noom program for losing weight in 2020 which I recommend.