Coconut -Paw Paw -Lemongrass -Sticky Rice


I love coconut sticky rice and really wanted to see how close I could come to it . On the inhale you get the lemon/lime and some of the paw paw notes that transitions to the coconut and rice. The rice is a mix of sweet rice which is a sweet slightly creamy note and the rice base which helps to support with some texture and rice aroma I love sweet coconut by flv it adds body and creaminess to the mix but I wanted that coconut to really pop so FA coconut works or even a little TPA coconut candy could help if you want more sweetness. paw paw is a great fruit it has mango and cantaloupe notes with a creamy almost banana body the lemongrass and lime add some brightness and top notes that works in this mix . lemongrass is a pretty potent and has a light floral note to it that can be noticed in back end but works in this mix for me The vanilla cream just help fill in the body and blend this mix and adds a brighter vanilla note I wanted more sweetness in this, so I added sweetness - but sweeten to your taste

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