Cool Double Dueces


I created this recipe with my fave dairy-free ice cream in mind, a chocolate mint ice cream with chocolate chips. So I wanted to recreate the experience of eating that ice cream to the best I my ability. Mixed at 70VG/30PG, 7 day steep. The LB Vanilla Ice Cream and VT Devon Cream make up a rich ice cream base. JF Milk Chocolate makes up the chocolate ice cream flavor and TPA Double Chocolate (clear) for the chocolate chips. They ended up complimenting each other well after a 2 day steep. After all, I can never have too much chocolate. FW Creme De Menthe supplied the mint, which was rounded out by the addition of a small amount of The LB Vanilla Mint. **This recipe needs a sweetener added!** You can use of any sweetener of your choice. Myself, I prefer to use natural sweeteners, like Nude Nicotene Stevia at .2% and Monk Fruit extract at .3%. WS-23 for the coolness of ice cream.

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