Cracker Me Jacks!!


A simple sweet cracker jack recipe. Using just few flavors to achieve a cracker jack type vape. Wonder Flavours Honey roasted Peanuts plays a big role in this recipe to give it that authentic Cracker Jack taste. While Tpa Kettle Corn lacks in the corn department Ap is added to give more of a corn note. Flavor West Salted Caramel is a great flavor that has 2 different roles in this recipe by adding to the kettle's sweet butter notes and wrapping itself around the peanuts to tie in the Cracker Jack experience. Ejoy!! New Mixers always welcome at the Crew!!!

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Flavor West salted caramel? Do you get more than 4 polls off of it before the coils are completely destroyed?


Good point. I never really pay attention lol. I guess it would also depend on what build your using and how many volts your throwing a it. Salted caramel is so good though. I have heard that the VT version is just as good and wonder if its a cleaner vape. _


I have never had a problem with FW Salted Caramel destroying cottion, but I have never used it more than 2% or at super high wattages. I am assuming that you must have had issues with it. Interesting.