Creme Brulee Wafer


Nothing fancy going on here just a simple creme caramel that has become my default dessert vape. This is a Reworking of a recipe I had published a while ago as I wasn't happy with it. WF Crispy water was dropped. It's a muddled flavour and not to my liking. I'm convinced a lot of WF flavours are better off in food recipes. 3% VT Creme Caramel is quite a weak flavour but after it steeps a bit those creamy caramel/ butterscotch notes come out. However, it has zero body so 2% FA Custard Premuim adds a creamy custard base. Finally 1% DYFS Holy adds that smoky vanilla top-note and a little cream without detracting from the recipe. . • 0.35% FW Sweetener (optional) Dig in if you like but benefits from a 3 day steep. Disclaimer Any resemblance to actual "1-2-3" recipes is purely coincidental.

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