Creme Brulee Wafer


For the dessert fiends among you. A simple creme brulee served with a crispy wafer. • VT Creme Caramel is quite a weak flavour so had to take it up to 5% to get more prominent creamy caramel notes. VT Warm Custard is an ultra creamy milk with some egginess so is not really a custard. Tastes fantastic but needs to be at 4% minimum to turn up in a recipe. To add body and a decent custard taste, 1% FA Custard Premuim. This is quite rich yet light creme caramel. A Milky custard with a soft carmel finish. • 0.5% FW Sweetener Dig in if you like but benefits from a 3 day steep. Disclaimer The ingredient percentages of this recipe are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a mixing manner. Any resemblance to actual "1-2-3" recipes is purely coincidental.

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