Dinner Lady A Lemon Tart Remix


This is my remix of the popular UK e liquid lemon tart by dinner lady e liquids.

DIYorDIE Runner up recipe of the year!!!

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I made this with Cap Lemon meringue V1 . I know you said it wont pop as much. I find the lemon is very subtle. Is that because the the Cap? I would like the lemon to be way more present.


Normally iam not a Lemon fan, but i have mixed up 30ml because the good rating. I will rate it, after some steeping.


close but not enough. something missing. sweet lemon taste needed.


I think this recipe needs a candied lemon to make it pop more…


I made 100ml of this, but also added 1.5ml of FW Fruity Flakes. Came out absolutely PERFECT!


@dazcole on the recipe notes you say FA Custard PI 3.14 but on the ingredients list it has normal FA Custard. Assuming that the correct is the first one, would you like to update the ingredient list?



This is great. I’ve tried all the lemons and Loranne Lemonade is a better sub for cap juicy Lemon to me at 1.5%


Ok i have tried every single combination of the dinner ladies lemon tart clone not one of them close not even this one, i know there are some people working on it now to try and clone it as much as they can i think you for trying, but i went out and purchased everything as i spend alot of money on dinner ladies lemon tart this would have saved me a fortune.

But it tastes nothing like it…And im using dual clapton with top quality cotton…(Vape underground) forums are working on a real clone of it now…I thank you for trying too copy it but to me its too heavy and its nothing like the original…


If you want to get even close to Dinner Lady Lemon Tart you will have to use Vanillin , Citral, d Limonene ans 2-Acetylpirizine and accent the other concentrates in the mix. This is why nobody can clone it properly. :wink: