Idea stolen from @rockyharlow The profile is a tropical perfumed guava. Love cap sweet guava. To me it Is a sweet nectar with that little bite of bitterness. It plays very well with dragon fruit and cactus. These three were made to be vaped together. Inw pitaya: The juice emulsifier with some floral nuances. Here it plays better than tpa df Just for that floral feel. Inw cactus: a little lemony back note and tons of wetness, it makes wonders paired with guava. Fa jasmin: one of my fav floral flavors. It provides very well that petals perfume I wanted in the mix. The ws-23 is the perfect coolant to get a summer refreshing vape. Cap super sweet helping the guava become more vibrant. For a smooth juice let it steep for 8-10 days. Can be S&V but better after steep

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