Golden Wind


Reddit link: Tbh I literally spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out a name for this, but I'm a big Jojo fan and it just fit. A cool, LemonLavenderPear Champagne enveloped in Honeysuckle. It's like what you'd imagine a golden lotus would taste like, but the effervescence of the FW Pink Bubbly turns it into a big breath of golden lotus pollen flying into your face. INW Cactus - Needed a bit of tart juiciness. TFA Dragonfruit - To fluff and emulsify the fruits. TFA Honeysuckle - Soothing fresh floral note that blends into each flavor's background. FA Lavender - A perfect compliment to FE Lemon and just an overall amazing and satisfying flavor. I've been meaning to put more use to it. FE Lemon - The king of lemons, and just enough to fuse with Lavender so that neither dominates the other. INW Pear - IMO the King of Pears. Provides an accurate and gentle pear note that rests alongside the lemon and lavender. FW Pink Bubbly - This one provides effervescence without additional flavor changes, like TFA Champagne or VT Fizzy Sherbet. WS-23 - I put this into just about anything; kicks up the flavor just a tad, and brings in the chill wind.

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