Graham Jefe


well my buddy wanted JUST a dank ass graham cracker. And my mixing capabilities are like "you sure you dont want peanut butter or cheesecake or custard or somethin!?" And he said "nope just a graham cracker please". Fw graham cracker is my favorite. Its a wonderful honey vanilla graham cracker. Cap graham cracker fills it out. Inw biscuit adds to the cracker aspect, keeps it dry n crunchy. Vta honeycomb and inw shisha vanilla are here to boost the depth of the graham cracker flavor! My buddy really likes this stuff and it smells soooo good. Super sweeten to your preferences. .25%-.5% for a graham cracker is plenty. Vta honeycomb can be bumped to 1.5 if you want a lil more of a honey note. Steep time: literally 3-5 hours later this juice will change color and is ready to go.

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