Grapefruit Gummies


My husband loves the grapefruit gummy candies from Eddie's World, so I am doing my best to replicate them. They come in both pink and white grapefruit options, both are good, so this recipe will probably end up somewhere between the two flavors. It actually turned out pretty well and he loves it. CAP Jelly candy was the choice for texture and base. VTA Sugar Cane was used for the natural taste of the granular sugar coating, but I kept it low to avoid any carmelized taste. CAP Grapefruit makes up the main sweeter part of the grapefruit profile, and I used IN White grapefruit to provide the zesty higher notes. NN Citric Acid added the perfect amount of tartness, without being bitter. I sweetened with equal parts of NN Stevia and NN Monk Fruit Extract. Feel free to sub the 2 of those with a sweetener of your choice, but this recipe does need sweetener to be a candy. Mixed at 70VG, SNV, but better the next day.

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