'Great White Buffalo" ( for real POP DEEZ clone)


This is how much I believe in this recipe, and have faith that it is truly the closest thing ever mixed to the real deal Pop Deez. I paid for a membership with ATF just so I could share this recipe publicly for everyone to try!.. Give it a mix.. It was worth the $2 to share it with everyone... Instead of Creating a totally new recipe I opted to post my tweaks to this recipe here. Once I get closer and feel it is as close as it is going to get I will create and post a new final recipe version. So here is my changes and tweaks for Version 2 : Version 2: FLV- Popcorn- 0.75% FLV- Sweetness- 0.25% CAP- Golden Butter- 0.5% HS- Caramel Toffee- 1% WF- Caramel Butter- 0.5% VTA- Butter Base- 0.5% My Husband and I rarely buy commercial juice, but when we do we always buy Pop Deez. It is our all time favorite juice. Period. So when I started mixing that was one juice I set out to try and mix. I have worked on recreating (cloning) Steep Vapor's Pop Deez for over a year now. I have tried every recipe that was a supposed Pop Deez clone and near every Caramel Popcorn recipe I have found. NONE of them have been anywhere near close. Nowhere in the ball park of tasting anything like Pop Deez. No recipe I worked out every turned out how I hoped and never even resembled Pop Deez. That was until now... I started investing in FLV flavors as well as a few other Higher Priced / Better Quality flavors. I knew FLV Popcorn was in it as soon as I smelled it out of the bottle. But even then I still hadn't nailed the caramel and butter aspects of it. That was until I got Hangsen's Caramel Toffee in. I immediately knew this was the caramel I was missing and what I needed for my "Great White Buffalo" Pop Deez... There is still a little tweaking I need to do with the sweetness and possibly the caramel as it is a caramel heavy flavor after a super short steep. I will know more after a few more days steep time but I truly believe it will need little to no altering. This is the closest recipe you will find anywhere to being Pop Deez. So if you are like us and love this juice then you def need to mix this up. No flavors can be substituted so if you don't have these exact flavors do NOT mix this, do what you need to do and invest in these flavors to mix it up. I promise you will not regret it... It is sooooo damn good and sooooo damn close to the ever illusive POP DEEZ! Give it a mix and let me know what ya think.. and yes this is my first and only recipe here on ATF.. Don't let that scare you off though, mix this up, I just can not stress enough how happy you'll be with this one..

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didn’t need to become a member for $2 to post one recipe.

“Free Users have created an account by clicking the “Login” link in the menu at the top of the site, but have not upgraded to a pro account. They can do everything a Guest can, but can also create up to two recipes and leave comments on recipes others have created and shared”

Also why did you choose (WF) Caramel Butter and VT butter base vs say TFA butter.

Can’t wait to mix this thanks.


I had tried the TFA Butter in several of my attempts and it just didn’t taste right to me. I tried it with the caramel butter and it was closer and I just said why not with the butter base and it turned out really good. the Caramel is a little heavy in this mix and the popcorn got a little lost. But I have tweaked it a bit and after smelling the original Pop Deez I def recognized the CAP Golden Butter smell in it so the last mix I added a little of the GB to it and adjusted the %'s I upped the Popcorn a little to 0.75% and it is def getting closer and closer each time I tweak it. I have been sick this past week so I haven’t been able to taste the lastest version with the tweaks so I mixed it again and am letting it steep while I get over this dreadful sickness until I can taste and smell again. Once I get to taste the new version I will post my updated Recipe and my notes on it. I plan to share any and all versions of this the closer I get it to the real deal. I know there are so many people who love this juice and are searching for a passable “clone” recipe.
As far as the free recipe, it let me create it but it said it would be private and wouldn’t show up on searches so I said hell with it and paid to be sure I could share it and be able to share any future versions and notes… Let me know if you have any suggestions you may pick up on notes or tastes of it that I wasn’t able to… Hope you like it…


and I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I am still figuring this place out and just saw your comment on it…