Gummy Grapes


Delicious Grape Jelly Gummy!! I tried creating a few grape recipes this year and they all ended up with a weird 'coiny'/copper aftertaste, so I almost gave up on grape. This has perfect balance on the grape without leaving a weird aftertaste thanks to INW Grape and Jelly Candy Combo. This is a Delicious Grape Candy Shake and Vape that will leave any grape fans with a Smile!! I dont think this one needs much of a explanation. Just mix it up if you like grape or gummy Candy!!

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HECK YEAH. this is looking like a nice pod mix too? have you tried it in a pod? might try it with a dash of menthol for my orion pod! looks interesting for real


MB This so Good that I have not even tried it in anything other than my Intake RTA :rofl::rofl: since I mixed this up, straight from the mix!!
My wife has also been enjoying it in the Recurve.

Im sure this will go well in a POD system like the Orion, But I am yet to test and confirm this one.


I just need to grab the Jelly Candy and Sour and I’ll be ready to mix this one up. I’m a big fan of grape flavor but haven’t found a lot of good recipes that use grape. This one looks like a winner. :slight_smile:


Do It! Its Worth it :wink::smiley:


Took awhile but I finally grabbed the Jelly Candy and Sour to mix this up. Very good recipe sir. Probably the best grape recipe I’ve ever tried. Well done.