Honey Butter Ice Cream


FA HONEY IS AT A 10% PG DILUTION. DO NOT...I REPEAT...DO NOT USE FA HONEY AT .5%, IT MUST BE DILUTED TO 10% BEFORE YOU USE IT! ALSO, FA VANILLA ICE CREAM IS ALSO CALLED GELATO VANIGLIA. With that said, "What the hell is Honey Butter Ice Cream?". Well, it was an idea that came to me on one of those sleepless nights. I don't think it's even a real thing but I thought the pairings of honey and butter with a rich ice cream would make for a delectable, decadent, desert. So, I went for it. Recently I mixed a recipe by The eJuice Fairy(Jennifer Winstead) where she used FA Vanilla Ice Cream. I had never used it before but was very surprised how rich, creamy, and "clean" or "bright" it was. I chose this flavoring because I wanted a "bright" ice cream to make some separation from the buttery honey notes and it was the perfect choice. WF Caramel Butter is such a rich flavoring. It adds both butter and a complimentary caramel to bolster the FA Honey. Please note: I DID NOT USE 0.5% FA HONEY. I used a 10% dilution of FA Honey, so please don't use it straight from the bottle at .5%, it's way too strong. The CAP Vanilla Custard is there to give a bit of a mouth-feel and "compress" the ice cream, much like a home-made ice cream, not like a soft-serve ice cream. The FLV Cream is there to add a bit of vanilla and body as well. Just a bit of CAP SS to lift up things a bit. It was a lot of fun creating something that doesn't really exist in real life and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. This can be a shake and vape but it's best to steep it for 2-5 days. I hope you will mix, comment, and or rate, it make us all better mixers. :) Visit Freedom To Mix on Discord https://discord.gg/cMUjtPf Join our Freedom To Mix FaceBook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/415341418920740/ Visit https://freedomtomix.com/ for resources and information on DIY mixing!

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