Icy Grapey Vapey


I have gone through so many variations of grape recipes to finally get here. The Grape Juice & White Grape combo is great - but can easily read as sweet wine, which is useful, but not what I was going for. I did want a darker grape, without using Grape Concorde. I wanted it to read as a slightly sweetened, blended grape drink that is somewhat authentic, and somewhat sweetened & flavoured. Grape Trinity FE Grape - lovely mix between authentic, and slightly candy. Works great to add another layer to my grape FA White - adds a smidge of body, surypy sweetness TPA Grape Juice - this is mostly the base of the trinity, extremely underated grape FA Black Currant - was added very low to bring some body, as most grapes can read quite flat - it also adds a bit of purple to the paler grapes. Sweeten & Cool as you prefer - my suggestions here is for a more commercial feel sweet grape juice. The WS23 I use is a 20% dilution.

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Good day, i just mixed this recipe and boy oh boy am i mind blown… The overall grape taste with that hint of candy is simply amazing, what also catches the taste buds is the blackcurrent that completes this recipe… I use ws23(30%) just so i use less but wow…

Im giving this a grapey 10/10


Not your typical grape,thats just a grape.This mix gives any grape on the shelves a run for there money.On the inhale u get this beautiful smooth sweet candy coated grape tantalising your taste buds and the on the exhale its a full on icey bodied grape in your face.Leaving you sucking your tongue as the flavours linger long after the vaper has vanished.

Well done mate 10/10