Jairy's Toffee and Strawberries Recipe.


I was watching an earlier episode of "Noted" last Friday ( I believe it was the one featuring Ice Cream) (It definitely was the guest in that show who mentioned this, .....Jairy?). In any event, at some point, just as a side note, he said ... "I mixed these two ingredients together and have been vaping it all week"..... So I tried it. It seems to me like such a strange combination, like pistachios and tangerine, . . . It is amazing in flavor. If you like Strawberries, if you like Toffee, ... try this, ... then watch Noted's "Ice Cream episode and send their guest a thank you, ...lol. wow, this is good. I went out and got four ounces of each ingredient, due to arrive today while I am at work. P.S. The aweetener is my own addition. As always, sweetener is at your discretion, he did not mention sweetener.

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