Jammie Dodgers


A delicious dark jammy berry biscuit. Perfect with a cuppa! This recipe is a tribute to my favourite biscuit of all time, Jammie Dodgers. Not sure about the States but they're legendary on this side of the pond. The Biscuit 1.5% FA Graham Crust provides a blonde graham cracker base while 0.75% JF Biscuit adds a buttery biscuit texture. I wanted to avoid creams so 0.50% CAP Golden Butter adds buttery smoothness. The Jam FLV Jammy Berry is a mixture of berries but is mainly a tart blackberry jam. 0.50 % FLV Boysenberry jams it up more. 0.75% TFA Raspberry Sweet was used to "pop" it more and give a brighter sweetness. I like my biscuits sweet hence, 0.35% FLV Sweetness Nice as a S& V but will benefit from a short steep. P.G.

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