Jewish Apple Cake


**Jewish Apple Cake** *DESCRIPTION:* A dense/moist brown sugar cinnamon apple cake. *NOTES:* Even though I came from a Christian family, this cake is something my mother made at least once a month. Sadly, since my youth I haven't found a recipe that comes close to matching her expertise with this marvelous dessert. I was fortunate enough to not only have a mother who was a great cook, but also an expert baker! For my base, **RF COFFEE CAKE** was the obvious choice. This flavoring is not the most potent(probably because it is VG-based), so a high percentage was needed. Within this flavoring, you will taste cooked apple, cinnamon, and brown sugar "crumblies". It still needs help though, to become *full flavored*. **FLV APPLE FILLING & FLV APPLE** filled out the cooked fruit/cinnamon layer quite nicely here. I tried FLV Apple Pop before this combination but found it didn't quite do what I wanted it to do. This doesn't mean it would not be a perfect additive in any other baked apple dessert. I just found that it didn't quite work *here* as I wanted. **JF YELLOW CAKE & JF BISCUIT** complete the *cakey* base of this recipe. This is a very good combination at these percentages. If you want, you can crank up the **CAP SUPER SWEET** to about 0.5%. I can't stand this flavoring too high...which is why I kept it relatively low here. Too much sucralose smothers little nuances afaic. Of course, this is a potent enough mix to be vaped fresh. But I prefer it from 5-7 days plus. **STEEP: 5-7 DAYS** **VG: 70%** *Please don't use this recipe for commercial, as it was shared in good faith*

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