Jolly Cherry


I know that everyone's first thoughts are going to be "OMG that is a lot of Cherry!" but you will just have to trust me if you enjoy Cherry Jolly Ranchers. The Vape Train Cherry is a fairly weak flavor in the first place whereas the FW Hard Candy is a bit of a bully. I tried to use the lowest amount possible of the Hard Candy but I felt like any less than this and it was not selling the Jolly Rancher taste. However by the time I had the Hard Candy high enough to be present it had drowned out the Cherry completely so I had to keep turning it up until it was present again. It took me several attempts to get this where I wanted it. There is NO substitute for this Cherry and on its own you will still get some of the dreaded cough syrup vibe. I found it at Chefs but perhaps BCF will start carrying it at some point. The sour notes in this mix work to eradicate the cough syrup vibe you may get from it on its own. The Cactus is in there to give you that juicy mouthfeel and help increase the tartness from the Sour. I went out and bought a bag of the Jolly Rancher Suckers to see how close I was getting and noticed the slightest hint of Fuji Apple in the actual candies. I think this is as close as I am ever going to get to this profile. It needs a few days to settle in for best results. Off the shake the Cactus and Fuji Apple stand out a wee bit too much but they will blend into the Cherry and Hard Candy after a brief steep.

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Are you shure its 10% cherry or did you mean 1%.


INW Cherries not INW Cherry or the other 47 they have you can add to the list of not being a cough syrup and known as one of if not the best. You have an interesting profile though and I haven’t started working with a Cherry mix but the cactus is interesting and if I can fit it in, even if I have to squeeze cactus in a mix I will as it’s all about the juiciness. I wonder if a little something like FE Lemon to make it pop as most of the flavors share affinities as cherry/apples are related and adding the sour mimicks the drink kirsch.

I think I might mix up something tonight to get familiar using cherry for the first time going by straight flavor afinities while I also SFT Cherries. Apple is a good call I’ll go in a less candy direction doing something like Cherry, Apricot, Almond, Vanilla, Mint — I could sneek a little banana in there too, probably using HS.


Because of the Hard Candy I did indeed mean 10% lol. I know it sounds crazy and every percent I added I felt the same way. I started around 4% and you could not taste it around the Hard Candy. It is just one of those combos that took some serious juggling.


If you read my description than you should know that I am not claiming that this is the best cherry flavoring out there. Heck, I even flat out said that it is still medicinal on its own. That being said, it was simply the best one for this profile. Since it was a pain in the ass to balance I was not even going to attempt to tell anyone what to try to substitute for it lol. I have always had atrocious luck with cherries in general. This is my attempt to create the Jolly Rancher suckers that I bought for Valentines Day and it turned out pretty spot on. This cherry is somewhat bright and tart already, so I thought I could use that to my advantage. I have several cherries and it was the only one that smelled like what I was after. You are welcome to use my ideas and run with them. That is what the DIY thing is all about. Good luck.


I really want to make this recipe, but the only think I’m missing is the VT Cherry… Can it be subbed with either FA Cherry or TFA Cherry?

EDIT: I went ahead and tried to subbed VT Cherry with 4.5% FA Cherry plus 0.5% TFA Maraschino Cherry and it turned out great! I can’t compare it to the original because I don’t have VT Cherry, but it tastes just like a cherry jolly rancher!