Kentuky Leaf


Tobacco Bourbon (All Flavorah recipe) Tobacco: Kentuky blend is my personal favourite is slightly ashy, woodsy, spicy and with a sweet caramel vibe, here is the main note. To support it a bit of red burley to keep the earthy tobacco vibe and a touch of virginia to add brightness and sweetnes. Bourbon: Flv Bourbon adds a nice bourbon sweetness and taste, as well as , a noticeable charred oak, and to make it even more present im using Oak barrel wich gives a cleaner oak top note. To me FLV Oak Barrel tastes like an old, still wet(altough its quite dry) from storing bourbon, dark wood like taste. And to smooth out everthing a bit of cream. Steep Time: You can Snv or either leave it 3-5 days, but after 2 weeks is when flavorah tobaccos come back and bourbon reaches it full potential. Mix at: 70Vg/30Pg This ratio is best as 50/50-60/40 are a bit throughty and thin in my opinion. Also this extra VG adds some sweetness but feel free to choose.

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