Leche con frutillas


By far Nic riv strawbery milk is the best straw and milk concentrate on the market. As a one shot it performs incredibly well, the only issue found yet is that it is weak, you should go over 12% to get a full Flav from it. The best part of this concentrate is the milky part. It really blowed my tongue away, the accurate sensation of a glass of strawberry milk is stellar. It needs improvement oh yeah, mostly in the straw department, I can imagine pairing this with jf sweet straws or tpa strawberry. Stated the base that there is no panacea flavorings in vaping, this is a very close representation of what a straws and milk should taste like. Of course this is just MHO. I dropped some pur strawberry swirl into it to accentuate the straws note and also because I thought that vanilla was called in to play. Nic riv condensed is better than pur to my taste but not as versatile as pur is. 2 % should be enough to demonstrate what it can do. Nic riv dragon fruit is a peary-ish drag fruit. Not bad but there are better options. For sure in other iterations I will deff go with tpa drag instead of nic rivs. But I used it here just to gave it a chance. I went higher than usual just to see if it took more starring role and if the peary like notes were noted. A lil super sweet just to brighten up the mix and add more sugary feeling. Hope you like this concentrate and take the chance to play with it. Mix it no regrets on this one is a Snv assured. I don’t know how it steeps yet at this high. I have only tested before about 8% and it feels a lttle dull.

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