Mala Rabia


This is a Dominican recipe, and it smells terrible, but tastes good. It has that marvelous funk that is found in some tropical fruits, but none of the ingredients really stand out. If you don't like the funk, this recipe is not for you. I love that tropical funk and ended up going through my entire 15ml tester in one day. This might be interesting combined with a sweet cream, or condensed milk as is used in the original recipe. The base of the recipe is the yam, but it is not a dominate flavor. The top notes are provided by the fruits. I chose the HS banana because I wanted a green banana to mimic the plantain in the original recipe, rather than a candy banana flavor. The guava gives that tropical funk. I wanted cinnamon, but wanted to keep it in the background, so I used CAP cinnamon sugar. Tropical recipes frequently use sugar cane syrup as a sweetener, so I used VT sugar cane to add additional sweetness. Here is the original recipe: I have experimented with this at different wattage, and it seems best around 20 watts in a MTL device, much to my surprise.

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