Mango Berry Smoothie


So many yummy Mango's available in the DIY scene now. I have many favorites, and favorite combos. I find which Mango works the best depends on the profile you are creating. For this recipe, I used **FLV Mango**, definitely one of my favorite, for a realistic mouth feel mango. Paired with this, is **WF SC Island Mango**, which is very sweet and tangy, similar to a citrus note, which is a note I was aiming for in this recipe along with a mango, so they paired together very well. **VT Forest Mixed Berries** is one of my favorite mixed berry concentrates. And added to this is a touch of lime using **WF SC Lime**. To create the smoothie, I used my favorite greek yogurt **FLV Greek Yogurt** and **OOO Creamy Milky Undertone** This creates a delicious creamy Mango forward smoothie. Mixed Berry taste on the back end of vape. Feel free to add sweetener to your liking. Enjoy. This is delicious off the shake; however, better after 3 days.

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