Matt Snyder Complaints: Too Many Contests?


Saw the Matt Synder complaint on the ATF facebook page. Does anyone think that is a legitimate compliant? I know it’s just someone weirdly upset about his recipe(s) not being on the front page, but I want to know if anyone thinks there’s any legitimate anything somewhere in that. I’m I ruining ATF by posting 1-2-3 recipes? Is Jennifer Jarvis hurting it any by having a #yearinmixing friendly little weekly competition?

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Thanks. For the record, I don’t think it is a legit complaint at all. Dude sounds like just another entitled jerk upset because he’s not getting the attention his mommy and daddy should have given him as lil feller. I think these contests and memes and such are keeping mixing fun. Matt Snyder does not sound like a very fun person at all. But, I’m open minded. I’d love to hear the other side of this, to consider it fully. And if I’m personally doing anything to devalue the ATF experience (aside from than that whole causing it to be covered with faux peens thing last year) or participating in something that’s not good for the site, I want to hear about it. Maybe I’ll knock it off.


I’ll definitely tell you the fake wieners don’t HELP, but I’ve never got a complaint, so I’ve never really raised any of your silly stunts with you, other than to give you a hard time. It’s a site for grownups.


Totally not a legitimate complaint, these contests help push people and spur creativity. The more mixing people do the better.


Coming at this as a Joe Normal mixer without a dog in this particular fight: no, there are not too many contests. Just means more recipes for me to look at, consider mixing, and possibly spur my own creativity in a new direction.

Plainly put, getting on the front page is like gambling. You pays your two bucks, you takes your chances. Deal with it.

That came off harsh. Time for more coffee.


Contests spur motivation, creativity, and an intensive to join the site and post one of the best recipes they’ve been hoarding or see if their skills match up with the big hitters here. Now that the comment system is more open there will be a lot more feedback which was needed.

You should get a tournament or a bracket setup. Either have 3 contests and a depeding on how it’s setup have a knockout rounds until you crown a champ by who gets the most votes (which votes can be off-site like on reddit if you can’t do it here). So first round there are 30 people, 10 get knocked out, 2nd round 10 more get knocked out. The final is the top 10 to crown the winner in the lack stage.

Or a bracket system where you have 2 weeks to post your recipe w/o any requirments. Some do dessert, others fruit, just like some teams run zone defense and others full court press.

The top 4 mixers here (River/Skidd/Wayne/ID-10/Vurve/Chemist ) etc… will be #1 seeds and will be in a seperate bracket so they wouldn’t face each other unless they make it until the final 4. Then all others will randomly be placed and it’s a mix off where each mixer has 2 weeks to post thier recipe. Winner goes on because… in the end there can be only one. I might change my name to Duncan McCloud for karma points.

I know all the lurkers would come out and join something like that and I’ve been waiting for about 2 years to post a recipe but won’t so I don’t polute and waterdown what has become such a sad state of finding something decent (ELR) but I know that I’d spend that 2 weeks (plus the one month notice prior) busting my ass working 15 different variations of my batches.