Nanacomb Milkshake


A rich, thick and sweet banana honeycomb milkshake. WF banana purée in my recipe again shows how much I prefer it to all other bananas, it’s so realistic and gives a full mouthfeel along with that creamy custard which layers the banana beautifully this gives you the ultimate banana with a thick mouthfeel perfect in this sort of profile. The FA milk, TFA whipped cream and FLV frosting give that sweet and fluffy milk which sits there from start to finish, emphasis on the finish! The VTA honeycomb even at 5% is not the star of the show but makes a great partner to the banana, everyone knows banoffee is a classic and Honeycomb is cinder toffee so say hello to the new classic combination ;) (al Pacino voice) The Super sweet is there for my personal taste but keep in mind it is subjective and you can add and subtract sweetener from this mix and it won’t take anything away from it. If you like what I do and want to support me all you have to do is rate and review my recipes if you choose to mix them up :)

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This looks yummy. Will definitely be mixing and will review for sure. I know this is a taboo subject , but I have everything minus the fa milk. Would wf milk be a suitable sub?


Sorry for the late reply, you can substitute FA milk for any other sweet milk at the appropriate percentage :slight_smile: it won’t be exactly as I intended but it won’t mate much difference especially if using a good substitute such as WF milk :slight_smile: