NorCAL SICKBOY day at the beach


( mango rum punch for Fresho3 fund raiser for the guardians foundation) Helping one of the hardest working advocates out there NorCal Sickboy. He wanted a nice drink for the beach So @queeryourvape and I decided to help him out!!! **VT mango juice** is perfect for this as is has a nectar type juicy mouth feel, **Royal orange** is very much like fresh squeeze OJ and has a nice brightness and acts as is more of the top note here The combination of **light rum** and **Jamaican rum** create a slightly spiced warmed finish for this punch **pomagrante** was added for a slight grenadine effect **sugar loaf Pineapple** sweet less bight pineapple that contrasts some of the brighter top notes of the other citrus **cinamon** is added as an accent note that really creates a nice back note with the tropical flavors ( dont knock it till you try it :-) ) This is our take on a mango rum punch

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