On an DESERT ISLAND vape (Strawberry Cheese Danish)


Made for fresh 03 Saturday show - the challenge is to make an ADV using one flavor line - i choose Wonder flavors line - and a variation of a strawberry cream mix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xofRrq0y-uU **NOTE LB strawberry Cheese cake is a MARKER for WF strawberry Cheesecake** which is new WF flavor not listed in the ALL the flavors **WF strawberry Cheesecake** is a great balance of strawberry and cheesecake and does not really need a lot of help taking it to the 4% on its own - There is not a lot of crust but it is noted on the back end, of the shake the strawberry is very front end and takes a steep for the cheesecake to come forward. You get the bright syrupy strawberry on the front that transitions to the creamy cheesecake with a buttery bakery finish

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