Orange Creamy Dreams


I wanted a richer, more complex version of a dreamsicle, like something you would find in a quaint little cafe that makes theirs from scratch served in an orange peel bowl. This was mixed at 70VG/30PG. Steep 5 days. For me, the vanilla ice cream base needed to be rich to support such a complex array of orange flavors: LB Vanilla Ice Cream for a base, FA Vienna Cream for a sweet rich fill, and DIYFS Holy Vanilla because it will stand up to the oranges. The orange flavors I chose gave me the complexity depth of deep, middle, and high zesty notes I was craving: FW Blood Orange for the FA Orange and TPA Orange Cream filled the middle notes out. FA Mandarin finished it all off with some high notes and a bit of zest. WS-23 was for that hint of coolness. Adjust to taste or try Koolada. Sweeten how you want, or not at all. I used NN Monk Fruit and Stevia in equal parts at .2% or so. This noob would appreciate any and all feedback.

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