Pop my Cherry


A popping cherry lollipop popper! This is a morish cherry Popsicle sure to turn your lips red! MB Red cherry is a fantastic new(ish) entrant in the cherry category and is set to upset some of the big players. Most of the cherry options are bleh and Molinberry has manged to create a winner here! This is a juicy, sweetened, red cherry, minus the medicinal cough syrup vibe - enough said! This get truly better with time and develops a fantastic deep and juicy cherry after the 2 week mark. The Red Cherry is filled out with a touch of INW Cherries (NOT INW CHERRY!) to fill in the gaps and allows the full cherry to shine. A lick of FA Forest fruit completes the richness and body and keeps the cherry form being linear. A smidgen of Fizzy Sherbet adds the fizzy, sour centre element. Good after 3 days or so but better after 7 and even better after 14! MB Red Cherry notes here: https://youtu.be/1bMjDMsuamA

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