Pride POG 2018


A bright red Hawaiian POG for Pride 2018 that packs all the tropical flavor of guava and passion fruit but with the tang of a strong orange and the tart it was missing, brought by grapefruit. The Hawaiian POG remix from @ENYAWREKLAW has been my ADV for many months now even though I've always missed a little tang from it. I then mixed @Dmilin recipe over on ELR. Both recipes were inspired by @Gwandrei Hawaiian POG Remix and the original by Naked, which I still haven't tried. I started mixing all these together but the recipe was still lacking in body and brightness. FA Passion Fruit: I really love the flavor but it's sweeter than a real passion fruit, it's missing the zing of it. I like it strong, but you can take it down by 0.5% up to 1% if you need to. FW Blood Orange: a great orange that compliments CAP Juicy Orange very well because it gives it more body and compensates the watery aspect of CAP JO. The combination of both is a really tasty orange juice. CAP Grapefruit: brings the tang and tart, red flavor to the passion fruit, the guava and the orange that was missing for me in the all the Hawaiian POG recipes I've tried. This recipe does well at higher wattages and in PODs alike. Don't be intimidated by the higher-ish level of flavorings in this recipe, most of them have a tendency to need mixed at higher percentages. Representation matters in all aspects of life and in the vaping community. I hope those of you who will mix this will enjoy vaping this POG and have a thought about social justice, love and what it's like to be different in the world we live in as you do.

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looks really good I am a huge fan of sweet guava, have not tried making a mix with grapefruit but recently bought a grapefruit commercial juice I am in love. so have added this to my list to mix up … thanks for sharing


I’m really happy you’re a fan and that you like the juice now that you’ve mixed it!:rainbow::purple_heart::dash::love_you_gesture:


I have tried ENYAWREKLAW version of it and it is wayyy off the original profile of Hawaiian Pog. Missing the most important notes wich make it so addictiv and tropical. As you say you never tasted the original, I am affraid yours would also be off , but will give it a try anyway (My hope beeing on the grapefruit that would make guava and passion fruit less sweet). That would be awesome if you could taste the original to compare with yours also … What makes me optimistic, is that there is a ready to mix concentrate available is some websites which is really good.