**Püdio** **DESCRIPTION:** *A thick creamy Pistachio Pudding with the right amount of sweetness.* **NOTES:** Let's get the easiest stuff out of the way. I chose **EM** as my sweetener because it tends to thicken custards/puddings in addition to providing sweetness. The pistachio portion of my pudding is formed with **FA Almond**, **INW Marzipan**, and of course **TFA Pistachio**. I purposely did NOT use FA Marzipan, as INW's version provides a more creamy feel. Our 'pudding' base is formed with both **FLV Vanilla Pudding** and **INW Shisha Vanilla**. The INW SV adds a slight boost to the vanilla pudding which was very useful in this recipe. **STEEP: 9 DAYS(steeping with this particular mix is a must!)** **VG 80%** As always, please dont use free offerings of recipes for commercial gain & dont post to other websites without permission. **E-JuiceMakers**

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