Red Wedding Crispie


I wanted to make a good ass red pie with some of my lesser used flavorings. Rhubarb being the main thought leading into this journey. The other was Game of Thrones. My friend is about 3 episodes away from her world bein rocked and it brought some inspiration to my mixing table lmao CAP rhubarb sitting comfy at 2.5% is perfect, at 3% it sorta took over the recipe, was very bright. I backed that up with FA raspberry at 1% and CAP sweet currant at 1% originally but i bumped it a smidge to 1.2% play more alongside the rhubarb. Adding in FLV apple filling at .8% to this adds some spice notes as well as a baked apple "vibe" to bring the other fruits all together into more of a cooked pie filling. I kept it low because of the addition of rich cinnamon and granola, and didn't want this bogged down by spices either. The "pie crust" here is made from a combination of WF sugar cone and WF crispy wafer. I wanted something sweet but light and "crunchy", and 1.6% of each really blends into this delicious sweet sort of wafer-cone crust. FLV granola at .4% and FLV rich cinnamon at .2% add the cumbly crust on top. A cinnamony baked oat addition that really adds to the recipe. 3% tpa vanilla bean ice cream is used here just to add a little bit of that vanilla bean/cream note for the dollop of ice cream on top. If you get pepper from TPA VBIC then my recommendation is to pick your fav single flavor ice cream and swap em out. Or, omit the ice cream completely. It's not there for the main profile. Vanilla bean though is the flavor i want in this and tpa did great for me. I used 1% flv sweetener in this. I recommend a 1 week steep for everything to calm and blend together perfectly. But it is vapeable after a day. Love y'all! Hope you enjoy this :)

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