A sweet, thick rhubarb cheesecake, building upon chinkt's [amazing cheesecake base](https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/8mbpho/cheesecake_round_2/dzmgkid/). **The base** CGC, FLV Greek Yogurt and TPA Dairy form the cheesecake base. Less sweet than ready-made Cheesecake flavors, it really builds the foundation of this recipe. *FLV Greek Yogurt* can be difficult to work with, 0.5% is just about right. **The fruits** I tried a few different Rhubarb flavors before settling on a combination of *VT Rhubarb Compote* and *INW Rhubarb*. *VT Rhubarb Compote* is way too sweet on it's own and *INW Rhubarb* get's very earthy and dry above 1%. *Strawberry Ripe* adds a nice fruity sweetness and supports *VT Rhubarb Compote*.

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