Ride With Me


**All Flavorah ** Created using the new FLV Sweet and Smokey Tobacco. This is a sweet tobacco with some ashy notes. I paired it with fLV Tatanka which is a dark sweet cheeing tobacco. Butterscotch is used to make it more desserty, and pairs perfectly with Smoked Butterscotch. To enhance a bit of nuttiness from the tobacco i used Kinako Soy, and this needed a fruit to bring in some sweeter notes, so Fig was used as an accent. Of course FLV Cream is perfect to blend together and smooth any off notes. So take a ride with me and try this delicious tobacco. And if it was meant to be, leave your thoughts. 💜💜💜. https://youtu.be/zDo0H8Fm7d0 Music to listen to. Meaning to this song. 💜

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