Sad Boy Butter Cookie Remix


***I DID NOT USE Lemon Cream from SA*** ***I DID NOT USE Lemon Cream from SA*** ***I DID NOT USE Lemon Cream from SA*** I used Lemon cream wafer from CNV *unavailable to select I knew when I smelled the newly released ChemNOVATIC Lemon Cream Wafer what I must do....Sorry Sad Boy It's real close folks 95% via vape and with a the knuckle test I can't tell a difference between this and the OG. Mix it up and save some cash if you're a Sad Boy Butter Cookie fan! @s2k on ELR **This recipe was tested and designed on the Haku single Clapton at .54ohms at 50W** Also, I was able to find Sad Boy in 0% Nic and add my own Nic to base this recipe off of. It was not dark, harsh, bitter or "old stock" tasting. I always try to find my target in 0....little to no degradation on the shelf. I have a bottle of their Custard Cookie at 3% to work on and its so dark and bitter and harsh I can't vape it much less get a bead on what it was a year or two ago when it was probably originally made. Just food for thought Remixers....

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