Simple Blueberry Gummy Candy v2


#####**Description & Setup** Sweet & Gummy Blueberry Candy, all with 3 simple concentrates. Talking with a few people on the DIY EJuice Discord, particularly @Foment_life - I have decided to take a dive at a second version of my Blueberry Gummy Candy. Packing a nice candied blueberry punch with a full gummy mouthfeel to complete it all. #####**Notes** *I'm only going to note changes I have done, if you want to view the original flavour notes head to the OG* **FW Blueberry** - Foment recommends using this over TFA Blueberry Candy and wow he was absolutely right. This concentrate takes this recipe to another level and really sells that authentic candy blueberry taste. This is definitely a perfect blueberry for a candy. **CAP Jelly Candy** - Upped by .5% to battle the % increases of the blueberries, and to help with the gumminess of the recipe. This probably wasn't 100% needed but hey, it works! Make sure to leave a review if you enjoyed this recipe, thank you!

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