Skittles(Classic Candy)


Here's my stab at your classic skittles. Purple - I used a combo of Grape and Black Currant here as in my research I found that both flavors are listed for purple. Together they taste very purple. Red - Candy strawberry here that's why I left off the Shisha, don't need that realistic part in this candy recipe. Green - Shisha lime combined with Cap SS is pretty aromatic and candied lime Orange - Shisha Orange, see green Yellow - Went with the pure lemon here mixed with the candy portions its pretty solid in here Candy - WF Pixie Stick Candy + Cap Rainbow candy give you a nice sweet candy taste. It really helps turn these fruits into candy Softening - the TFA Marshmallow helps to soften some of the sharp edges of the fruit. If you like it let me know.

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