SKITTLZ- An authentic re-creation


I wanted a real, genuine Skittles vape. So after a couple of years of messing around with it, I came up with this, and it really does taste like the real thing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It does need a good steep,1-2 weeks, and maybe even a hot water bath and a real good shake/ cap off steep for a couple of hours. But, you may also find it delicious as a shake and vape.


CAP Rainbow Candy 5%
TFA Rainbow Drops 2.5%
CAP Jelly Candy 2.5% (gives an authentic mouthfeel)
CAP Green Apple 0.5%
CAP Super Sweet 0.75%

STEEP TIME: At least 1-2 weeks

You can substitute the CAP Green Apple for Red Apple, or Strawberry, or whatever fruit you like and it will give it a whole new experience. Happy mixing!