Summer with GA Peaches FLV


Put in a pod if you want It is HOT near Hotlanta, in GA right now. Peaches are in season, it is Lemonade time, so let's combine these 2 together and have a fantastic Peach Smoothie. Apricot: provides juiciness and boosts the peach. Smoothie Base: has a fantastic Lemon and Yogurt taste, this works great with the Lemonade. Persimmon: This flavor has some great sweet, tart, juicy flavor, this helps with the peach and to enhance the tartness of FLV Lemonade which is a traditional lemonade. Of course the star is FLV Peach, it is an amazing Peach, that just needs a little boost with juiciness. Feel free to omit the ice, or add more if you like. I enjoy it at .12% which is 2 drops per 30ml. FB FlvFan Page Ωhm Grown Alchemy Mixing in the Kitchen YouTube Mixing in the Kitchen: Ωhm Grown Alchemy:

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