Swedish Cinnamon Apple Cake


This is a Swedish style Cinnamon Apple Cake, which is usually made with yellow cake and served with vanilla custard. Don't think the flavors needs much explaining, but I'll do it briefly. **FA Fuji** crisp, jucy and very realistic apple flavor, at 2% is just the right amount to get that feel of small chopped apple pieces in the cake. **CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl** and **JF Yellow Cake** serves as the cake base, with CDS bringing the cinnamon spice that we all know and love pairs beautifully with apple. **DFS Holy Vanilla** is a an amazing rich, creamy and eggy vanilla flavor that emulates the traditional vanilla custard and blends perfect together with the whole mix. Best give it a few days of steep to let the yellow cake work it's magic, so you get that great fluffy cake texture. To get the real "fika" experience, this is best vaped together with a cup of coffee.

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