Sweet Caramel Milk


*Notes; I think it's quite alright as is. It's a bit heavy on the caramel candy so that could be reduced a touch, but I'm going to leave it as is as a simple little recipe that you can play with. Works as a SNV and I haven't noticed much change over time, but I'll update that if n' when. I really like the room note. And any feedback is more than welcome, I'm still learning and this is probably my first creation that I'll actually vape. Cheers! An adaption of Wayne's (DIYORDIE/ENYAWREKLAW) remix of Milk Plus by Banzai Vapors. I simply didn't have all the correct flavours, but wanted to try something milky and similar to see if it's my cup o' tea before my next round of flavour shopping. *This is not a remix of the original Milk Plus by Banzai Vapors, I have never tried that e-liquid before, this is a remix of Waynes recipe.* Inspired by and based on: Milk Plus by Bonzai Vapors #REMIXMONTH by ENYAWREKLAW I don't know how to link other recipes in this description...? For reference, the setup I use at the moment is an Origen Little 16mm RDA with a 5 or 6 wrap 27g Kanthal build, MTL. And I use pretty high nic.

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