The Flamingo


So, DIYFS has a delicious organic lemonade worth trying: (Affiliate discount code to save 20% off all DIYFS flavors: LianazVapin20) My goal for this recipe was to create a vibrant lemonade with a punch of fruits colored like a flamingo. The rich lemonade flavor was provided by 2 different lemonades, and a bit of lemon lime. The flamingo colored fruits are raspberry, mango, and strawberry. (I used the new Strawberry Trinity by ID01-T, so the strawberry flavor would not fade.) Mixed at 70 VG or use 80 VG for less of a punch. SNV, but better after overnight steep. Sweeten with whatever you like, or not. I used .2% NN Stevia and .3% NN Monk Fruit Extract.

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